We Caused a Stir

We invited industry leaders to iMagicLab headquarters in Baltimore, MD to take a sneak peak under the hood of our newest product, CRMSuite, and provide us with feedback on our current DealerCRM product.  Several clients and industry consultants visited on June 13th and 14th for our first ever Product Advisory Group.

The reviews we received from our clients and the feed back from well known industry insiders was nothing less than phenomenal.  We were elated when given props by what we would consider one of the toughest lineups in the industry.

“I almost HATE to admit it, but Keith Latman and Chris Vitale got me more excited and eager to test drive the soon to be in limited release iMagicLab “CRMsuite” than I have been about any other CRM application in over ten years…”  Ralph Paglia on Keith Latman Creates CRM Think Tank Sessions at iMagicLab

While we don’t like to toot our own horn, ok maybe we do, we are bringing to market a game changer in the automotive CRM space and our constituents agree.


bradley etclotconference

Joe Web of DealerKnows.com said “And I am also VERY excited about seeing this technology in action.  I think they will have lightning in a bottle if the tech works the way they built it to.”


“I was fortunate to be an ImagicLab dealer invited to the advisory board. We are scheduled for next gen 2.0 install next quarter. I arrived home to Seattle from Baltimore energized knowing this upgrade will allow us to maintain our 20% growth year over year over year. We will be the cutting edge dealer in the NW. It will allow our employees to grow at the rate they deserve generated by their own work habits. The ease of use will triple the utilization of even the best usage dealers. You had better call Vitale now if you expect to keep up with this Ford Dealer.” – Tony Rehn, GM, Evergreen Ford

Visit CRMSuite.com to get more information.

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About iMagicLab

iMagicLab is the nation's most dynamic and innovative automotive software provider. Boasting a top notch team and highly skilled executives with real world Automotive experience. Our top executives are industry leaders and have the numbers to prove it. iMagicLab's CRM software has been hailed as the premier Automotive CRM by magazines, periodicals, consultants and car dealers alike. With elbow to elbow training, and customized support for each store, iMagicLab delivers excellence to their dealer partners with a personal touch. Knowing exactly what Auto Pros need, at each store, is half the battle. iMagicLab continues to dominate the space with its groundbreaking products and services. Stay tuned for launch information about our newest offering, CRMSuite.

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